Love is not possession, it is not lust, it can't be based in lies.... Love is the desire to not be parted from a person, to see them as they are and know that all their flaws do not take away from the joy that is them. It need not be tricked or lied or conned.... but simply given and received. L. Trevino

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Again - seriously?!

I don't get it.  I see it... but I don't get it.

The younger generation will tell me that no one understands them.  That they want to be liked and that they want to connect.  So, I try.... and try..... and try.....

But the fact is that they want to be liked, without being likable.... After all, if you spend time with someone, you have to assume that they are at least getting to know you as a person.  But it appears that most of the young ones of today only want to "connect" when there is something in it for them.

I am finding that selfishness, that incredible lack of comprehension that in time the same people that they are "getting what they want from" now are going to be the people who will not help them later.  After all, we can all pretend it isn't our problem, but it is.... and they need to learn that just because a person helps you, doesn't mean you get to crap on them because you don't feel that they are worthy of your friendship after you have gotten all you want.

I have discovered this with my students and with my grandchildren and daughter..... in fact, just about everyone under the age of 40 seem to have the same attitude.

I am learning... I will stop reaching out and helping... it is not worth the nasty shit afterward.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Things I think are reasonably funny (odd and/or laughable)

Okay - so I started this blog in the hopes of helping myself.... then when my daughter connected to it, I was trying to help her understand me a little bit.  As time passed, I did indeed help myself, but didn't reach my daughter and it turned into something totally bizarre......

She would use it to communicate.  Which was, in my world, just a hair creepy since she didn't actually communicate, but would respond when she thought I was writing about her.

It morphs, frequently into the place I put some of the writing I do - not nearly all, in fact, very small portions.  I write daily and it is part of the way to keep sane.....

Then it morphed into something completely new, while still having the clinging thing with the daughter mess because she uses other people to look at my blog (and copy it) so that she knows what I say - which to me is more than a little bit creepy.  But only because I told her, after her last attempt to make me hate myself, not to return to my world (which she ignored long enough to claim she knew better than anyone how her son was not self-destructing and attempting to force me to "allow" baby steps for her to keep tabs on me).... not a happening thing, either way.  I think the current person she is using is her son... which is kind of weird since neither of them talk to me - which is fine with me.

So, then I realized that it is funny - people who claim to hate me, waiting for me to write about them so that they can contact me and be nasty.... Say what?! and OMG ROFLMAO....

What else is funny/odd, I realized that I no longer look to see if they are there or have been there.... at all.

I think I am growing up.

Everyone Thinks Love is...

We all talk about "love" like it is something that is so difficult.... like there is no way you can just LOVE without all the drama, flowers and bullshit....

That's why few of us ever really get there... that is why we don't seem to get the reality of what love is.

Love is simple.... like holding a baby, any baby.  It is that simple.

Love doesn't care if you are young, old, weird, normal (that being relative), white, black, brown, or any shade of the human rainbow.  It never has.....

Love is that connection... that crazy, wonderful moment when you connect with another human being on a level that is not physical, not emotional, not even remotely logical, and not intellectual....

Love is that moment when you are stripped bare of all pretense.... and instead of fear, instead of lust, instead of like....

It is there....

That deep, rolling feeling of seeing and being seen without any thought to how flawed you or they are, without any belief that somehow you must hide something from them being is the first thought....

It is that moment of complete, absolute trust in another living being... knowing that, and knowing that they trust you.... that is love.....

That moment of reality, connection.....

It is true when you can't let go of that connection, but feel it when you sleep, dream, talk, think, live, breath.

That is love.... that man/woman you can't seem to stop thinking of or caring about...

It is not physical.... that is lust, it passes.

It is not mental... that is like, it can be damaged.

It is not intellectual... that is infatuation, it fades.

It is love... It involves so much more than the need to sleep with, caring what others think, or how they think.... it is deeper....

Rolling like the heavy tides that keep this world alive....

It is rare...... but very real.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Don't wait.

I have made a million mistakes in my life.  A million choices that I can regret or simply realize that it is what it is.  The biggest ones that actually haunt me are the ones that can't simply be shrugged off as "existing."  The thing is this.....

If you really want something, no matter what it is, find a way.  Nothing is insurmountable.  After all, if time is the issue, you can wait.... in fact, almost anything you want (I don't mean those shoes that are so "hot" or the new outfit that is amazing), can be planned for, worked towards and achieved.  

This includes relationships, education, careers.  

But remember this - nothing is forever and if you are waiting for the "perfect" one - you will wait and be alone, angry and frustrated and never really understand that there is no such thing as perfect.

If you love, pursue
If you want, plan
If you care, do
If you dare....plan.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Are you waiting?

Are you waiting for me to die?
Is that your hope?
I guess I know why...
It is easier by far to mourn the one, the lost, the never there,
Than to admit that you made a choice,
That you chose the loss,
To be without rather than work it out.

So if by chance you've waited until I die,
Remember this, and do not lie,
You made this choice,
You picked the loss,
You made it real,
The anger ate the chance,
The rage and hate.....

There is no chance once death has come,
To take back words,
To make undone,
The choices made,
When darkness comes,
The loss is all that lives,

(c) LK Trevino 2-3-16

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Losing Self..... Lost

Sometimes, wandering, lost, walking in the rain,
Are we the same,
Are we equal or lessor,
What is the new person,
The person that wanders in front of, behind, beside,
Is that person the same as me?
Am I not different with each hat,
Each thought creates a new me,
Each understanding of the moment?
Am I the same,
Simply shining a slightly different light?

Can we step into the doorway as ourselves?
Or does it change each and every time?
Is that feeling, that lost in a dream,
Wandering through nothing,
Is that real?

(c) Lori Trevino 1-23-16

Thursday, January 21, 2016


I had a rough day... it is my estranged eldest grandsons birthday ...... and it is coming up on the month that my husband left me alone by dying.

Yeah, I know, I am not alone.... right.  I am alone.  I live alone.  I eat alone.  I sleep alone.  I think alone.  Hell, if there is something that you can do alone, I do it.

I am angry.  Hurting and not really sure where to put it.  I am angry because my husband, the man that I gave my being to left me alone.  Unwanted, unloved and unneeded by anyone.  Trying desperately to find relevance in my being alive and failing.

Because of my life, there is no real record of me being alive beyond a birth certificate and pictures of me as a 19 or 20 year old.  No year book pictures.  A few school pictures of my pathetic self in a dress that I thought I was beautiful in... because it was the last thing my mother gave me before she abandoned us to our father's care.

Time to sleep... why won't it just come already....

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Who I am......

As I shed the who that I am,
Walking through the door to who I will be,
I become,
Who I am....

The doorway, a small space,
A blink,
A place in time where I am/am not,
A change.....

On the other side,
As I emerge,
I am so much more,
I am so much less....

As I walk through the door,
I become, I un-become....
Who I am.

(c) Lori Trevino 1-16-16

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Protection or Handicapping?

I have written about this before, but it really needs to be said.....  Parents, the one thing that you/we all do is "protect" our children.  We protect them to the point of handicapping them, if we aren't careful.  How is that possible?  Well, there are a lot of ways to handicap a child.  Over-parenting, helicopter parenting, over protection and many more.

The Over-parenting parent is someone that guides to the point that their children don't have a clue how to make or when to make their own decision on any given subject, idea or project.  This would be my issue if I had children.  I tend to want to guide and for things to go my way.  I see this a lot in parents that feel that their children are somehow capable of perfection if only they do everything exactly how they want it.  This, however, tends to leave children unsure of themselves and insecure in their own ability to make a good decision or create on their own.

Helicopter Parents - these are people that hover and are so involved in their children's lives that the child, often in their teen years, breaks out and acts out because they feel suffocated.  Unfortunately, it doesn't help the child mature, but tends to make them rebellious in excess.

Over Protective/non-helicopter Parents - these people are interesting.  They usually barely know who their child really is and often believe that they are "close" to their children.  They protect the child no matter what and eventually, as all children do, the child learns how to manipulate that "protection" to include covering for truly bad behaviors, irresponsibility and other horrible things.  These parents don't feel that they are bad or wrong because they are "just protecting" their child from those evil people out there - like police, teachers, etc.  While they love their child, they don't understand that children are real people and they make mistakes, do bad stuff and often, without meaning to be, are cruel.  I know a lot of these parents.

"Everyone Wins" Parents.... These parents are almost pathetic. These parents are so sure that telling their child that "they will do better next time" is damaging to the child, they tend to kill the drive that makes the child try to win.  These parents will go out of their way to make a child who has done nothing to win, except show up, that they are special, that they have forgotten the basics... make showing up fun - making winning the goal.  They cripple the child's ability to strive for more and give them unrealistic expectations for their futures.  After all, just showing up to work will not get you ahead - working to win will.  The drive to compete with themselves can't be instilled in someone who is rewarded for simply being alive.

Presents vs Love/Time Parents.... these parents are the most damaging - in my opinion.  They will, instead of taking the time to make that trip to the crazy kids museum or vacation to some place interesting, do things like buy them a "hover Board" for $499 - and then spend their time with someone else, doing anything but spend time with the child who is now on a machine that can and has broken bones in the few weeks it has been out on the market.  The expensive cell phone, replaced repeatedly because breaking it is the only time mom or dad notices that they aren't in touch with their child.... then of course there is the expensive clothes - shoes - toys - throughout the year, but not a day spent at a picnic or going to the movies or just doing something together.  Eventually, and this is true HUGE because I deal with these children on a daily basis, they believe that love comes in the form of a gift - any gift - and that anyone that won't or can't "gift" to them does not love them or value them and therefore is not a worthy human being.

These things are some of the most damaging things you can do to a child.  It is okay to protect your child, just remember that failing is an option and that they really don't want you at their party/dance, but they do want you to go to performances and sporting events.  It is okay to know that your child is not perfect, as long as you love them and make sure that they know it - not with an expensive gift, but the most reasonable gift of all, time and attention.  Not the hovering, stifling kind - but the sharing, caring kind... the picnic, the ballgame, the afternoon shopping for nothing....eating ice cream and laughing.  That is what is important.  The pizza after a game lost, but played well.  The movie night or game night that brings conversation, laughter and joy.....

Parents, don't make your kids dependent, incapable and afraid of life... give them the biggest, best gift of all - yourselves, your time, your love and your honesty.